About vredd.it

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A simple tool to download and share videos hosted on reddit. Nothing to install and no permissions to give. Actually converts it to a mp4 file with audio unlike some other sites claim to do so but just link the silent file from reddit.


I made this because there's no simple way to save or share reddit's hosted videos without linking the whole comment thread.


Paste the reddit link, once it converts you can download and/or get the link for it to share with someone. Contact if you have any problems.


This service is designed for sending a direct video link to your buddy and/or saving the video for personal use. We are not affiliated with reddit. Don't steal original content and claim it as your own.

There are currently no limits on file sizes. Videos will be online for at least 48 hours; its purpose is conversion and immediate sharing, not hosting the videos long term. If you want to post somewhere with a large audience or have the video remain online longer please upload it to a hosting service such as Imgur or Streamable.

To maintain your privacy, there are no trackers on this site and your information won't be shared. Strict SSL is used to encrypt any requests made. Matomo (similar to Google Analytics) is used to guage traffic and get a basic idea of referrals, search keywords, devices used and things like that. Your IP is anonimized and no personal info is ever stored.


Send an and tell me how you really feel ;). Details help for technical stuff.